Bedroom Cleaning Tips

A Clean and Tidy Teens Bedroom.

How to Keep a Teenagers Room Clean

The Basics of Keeping a Teenagers Room Clean If there is one thing you can count on about teenagers, it’s that their rooms are usually a mess! Moms and Dads might think it’s laziness, or perhaps it’s a way for them to assert their growing independence. I was once a kid with a messy room.…

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Cat Lying on Down Comforter that was Washed in the Washing Machine.

Cleaning a Down Comforter in the Washing Machine

How to Wash a Down Comforter in a Washing Machine There is nothing better than a warm and cozy down comforter on a cold winter’s night…..except maybe waking up all snuggled up and toasty warm inside it. If you’ve ever owned one, you know exactly why this type of bedding is highly prized. Down comforters…

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Clean Foam Pillows with a Rose Lying on Top.

How to Clean Memory Foam Pillows

How to Clean and Deodorize Memory Foam Pillows Memory foam pillows are so soft and snuggly. They cradle and support your head and neck and most people agree that they provide a better night’s rest. What’s the secret behind this cushy pillow? Memory foam is made from polyurethane. It’s very comfortable because it softens in…

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Cleaning Stains from Foam Mattress.

Cleaning Stains and Odor from Foam Mattresses

Removing Spills, Stains, Urine and Odor from Foam Mattresses If you have had the luxury of buying a new mattress recently, it is likely that you have a foam mattress. Foam mattresses once were something that most people could not afford, but as the market for them has increased, the prices have dropped considerably. Now…

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A Newly Cleaned Mattress.

How to Clean a Mattress and Remove Odors

How To Clean and Remove Odors From Your Mattress Did you know that you spend one third of your life sleeping (or trying to sleep)? For you trivia buffs, that’s about 200,000 hours over an average life span. Since we spend so much time sleeping it’s important to know how to maintain a mattress in…

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Removing Odors from Dresser Drawers.

Removing Odors from Dresser Drawers

Getting Odors out of Dresser Drawers Darkness, lack of air circulation and being tucked away and out of sight are an ideal environment for odors to develop. Smelly dresser drawers can be caused by spills, substances transferred from clothing, bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi, insects and rodents. Bacteria and mold or mildew are the most common…

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Young Boy Painting Picture in His Clean Room.

Kids Cleaning Chore Checklist

Cleaning Checklist to Help Kids with their Chores We’ve all wished that the cleaning fairy would come into our home in the middle of the night and clean our child’s room. We would tuck our little one in bed with a kiss and then the next day awake them to a clean and sparkling room.…

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Clean Blue Mattress After Removing Stains.

Removing Stains from a Mattress

How to Clean and Remove Blood, Vomit and Urine Stains From a Mattress Have have ever watched one of those TV shows where they inform you of all the germs, allergens and contaminants that are on a mattress? Ignorance was bliss…but now, after being totally sickened, you will most likely want to know how to…

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A Nicely Made up Bed with Two Pillows.

Mattress Cleaning Tips

How To Clean A Mattress It’s said that we spend 30% or more of our lives sleeping. Knowing this fact, you would want this one-third of your life to be spent somewhere that’s clean and comfortable! I once read somewhere that the average mattress can double its weight over the years (I think it was…

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Clean White Bed with Fresh Sheets.

Removing Cotton Sheet Stains

Cotton Sheet Stain Removal Cotton is a comfortable fabric to sleep on, it’s easy to care for, and most stains can be removed from sheets, blankets, and pillowcases thanks to the fabric’s unique qualities. With that being said, however, blood and other biological stains are a different story. Removing biological stains and returning sheets to…

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