Window and Glass Cleaners

Glass and Window Cleaning Supplies

Window and glass cleaning supplies, cleaning cloths, glass cleaners and tools, like a good squeegee to clean windows, mirrors, shower doors and walls. Not all products are just for interior or exterior windows and mirrors but also the headlights and other glass on your car.

There are a variety of window and glass cleaning supplies available on the market. Here are a few window and glass cleaning supplies:

  • Cloths: Choose a cloth that is soft and lint-free.
  • Glass Cleaners: Look for a glass cleaner that is streak free. Some glass cleaners contain UV inhibitors which can help protect windows from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Cleaning Tools: A good squeegee is essential for removing streaks from windows.
  • Window Brush: Soft brush for removing dirt and debris from windows before cleaning.
  • Cleaning Headlights: The headlights on your car can become cloudy and yellow over time. Cleaning with a special headlight cleaner and a soft cloth can make them look much better.

Remember to wipe down windows regularly to prevent dirt and dust from building up. Avoid harsh chemicals and rinse thoroughly.

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