Household Cleaning Tips

Popup Camper and How to Get Rid of Mold.

How to Clean Mold Out of a Pop Up Camper

Cleaning Mold & Mildew from a Pop Up Camper There aren’t many days of summer left. Soon the kids will be back in school and the family vacations will not be as frequent until next summer comes around. We had a pop-up camper when my kids were younger and I loved it. It was very…

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Woman Cleaning and Deodorizing House.

Household Tips for Odor Removal

Household Tips for Odor Removal When things get dirty and you get behind in cleaning, there are times when unwanted odors can follow. I know how this can happen especially with having kids and pets in the house. I like to use natural products. Over time I have discovered tried and true techniques that I…

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Tips for Cleaning After the Holidays.

Tips for Cleaning up After the Holidays

Cleaning the House After the Holiday Festivities We had such a wonderful time this holiday season. Amongst the noise, confusion, fuss, and emotional tears of joy, we loved it all. I hope you did too. I know for many cleaning is not at the top of the wish list, definitely not around the holidays. But,…

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Glass Ornament and How to Organize and Put Away Other Holiday Decorations.

Ideas for Organizing and Putting Away Holiday Decorations

Putting Away the Holidays – Organizing Decorations Our Christmas was wonderful. The whole family getting together again, the kids enjoying their gifts and all the great food- it was excellent. But it’s time to get ready to move ahead and greet the New Year. Cleaning up after the holidays might not be one of your…

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Cleaning Tips for the Holiday Season.

Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

Getting your Home Ready for the Holidays The holiday season is upon us again, and on top of all the regular cleaning, there’s decorating, house guests, and festivities to come. I welcome these times when I get to visit with family and friends, especially the ones I only get to see a few times a…

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A Clean Room and Benefits of Keeping it Clean.

Top 10 Benefits of Keeping your House Clean

Top 10 Benefits of Keeping Your House Clean You might have thought at one point or another, “Why should I clean my home if it’s only going to get all messed up again?” I think we’ve all had this thought but there are many benefits to having a clean home. I know how hard it…

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A Clean and Descaled Washing Machine.

How To Descale Your Washing Machine

How to Descale Your Washing Machine We wash our dirty clothes in the washing machine so we have nice, clean clothes to wear again and again. But how do you keep your washing machine running well and smelling fresh so that your laundry keeps coming out fresh and clean? You have to give your machine…

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A Clean Cultured Marble Countertop.

Cleaning Cultured Marble

How to Clean Cultured Marble Regular marble is soft, delicate and very porous. It is notorious for staining or etching when coming into contact with non pH neutral products. All cultured stone products like marble, onyx and granite products have a resin finish that is a non-porous, and stain resistant. Cultured marble is made by…

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Grout Cleaning Tips and Stain Removal

Grout Cleaning No matter where your grout is; on ceramic tile, floor tiles, or even in between bricks, you need to clean your grout regularly- Well, if you want it to look good, anyway. Dirty discolored grout will make the entire floor or surrounding area look dingy and dirty too. Grout is made of fine…

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Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances Sparkling stainless steel appliances are beautiful, however the downside is a constant battle with fingerprints, smudges and streaks. There’s just no way around the challenge of keeping them clean. Although it could be a task you perform many times a week, depending on how many people use these appliances or the…

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