Furniture Polishing Supplies

Cleaning Furniture

Furniture Polishing.

Furniture polish is a common product used to clean, protect, and shine wooden furniture. It comes in various forms, such as paste, cream, or lotion, and may contain natural or synthetic ingredients that can nourish and protect the wood.

It is important to choose the right product for your furniture, as some products may be too harsh or abrasive and can damage the finish. Always read the label and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Wood Cleaners

A wood cleaner is a product designed specifically for cleaning and restoring the natural beauty of wood. It is usually a spray or liquid that can be applied directly to the surface of the furniture and wiped off with a clean cloth. Examples of popular wood cleaners include Murphy’s Oil Soap and Minwax Wood Cleaner.

Scratch Removers

Scratch removers are products designed to remove minor scratches and scuffs from the surface of wood furniture. Scratch removers come in various forms, such as pens, fillers, or liquids, and can be applied directly to the affected area. Examples of popular scratch removers include Howard Products Restor-A-Finish and Guardsman Wood Repair Filler Sticks.


Wax is a natural or synthetic product used to protect and shine wooden furniture. It creates a barrier that can help prevent damage from spills, scratches, and other types of wear and tear. Wax can be applied using a soft cloth and buffed to a shine. Examples of popular waxes include Minwax Paste Finishing Wax and Johnson Paste Wax.

Polish Sprays

Polish spray is a product that can be used to clean and shine furniture quickly and easily. It comes in a spray bottle and can be applied directly to the surface of the furniture. Examples of popular polish sprays include Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner and Old English Furniture Polish Spray.