Jewelry Cleaners

Cleaning Jewelry

Beautiful clean jewelry and supplies to use to clean your jewelry.

Jewelry cleaning is important to do periodically to remove dirt or tarnish from your jewelry to improve the appearance of the piece. Cleaning your jewelry only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require fancy equipment or specialty jewelry cleaners but sometimes having a fancy piece of equipment and specialty products can be a good choice for keeping your jewelry looking it’s best.

Here is a selection of jewelry cleaning products and supplies for professional or personal use. Ultrasonic Cleaners, Ionic Cleaners, Electronic Cleaners, Polishing Cloths, Jewelry Cleaner Dips, and Jewelry Cleaning Travel Kits.

Always check manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning jewelry and the product you are wanting to use before using it on your precious stones.

Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry

If you opt to clean jewelry yourself, to keep sterling silver jewelry looking its best, regular cleaning is key. If you want to clean sterling silver jewelry yourself, you can use a gentle soap and warm water bath. This can help remove dirt and product buildup, and prevent tarnish from forming.

Cleaning Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry should not be cleaned with anything harsh such as toothpaste, baking soda or any kind of powered cleaner as these can scratch metals. Instead use a liquid jewelry cleaning product which will help remove product buildup and soils from metal.

Cleaning Jewelry with Settings

If your jewelry has intricate settings for gems, try a liquid jewelry cleaner that comes with a small brush that will help gently scrub dirt and buildup from those hard-to-reach places.

To keep gems sparkly; like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, etc., you can always invest in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine or if you want to clean them yourself, you can mix together warm water and a mild dish soap and soak your hard gemstones for up to 40 minutes then use a jewelry brush and gently clean the stones then rinse with water.

When cleaning gems, clean them over the counter and not the sink as you don’t want to accidentally drop the jewelry down the drain.

If you have jewelry with delicate stones such as pearls and opals, use a jewelry wipe designed for delicate items as liquid and foam cleaners may not be formulated for delicate jewelry.

Another thing to consider today with all the hand sanitizers and sanitized hand wash we use, is to remove jewelry prior to washing hands or using sanitizers as these may dull stones.