Cute Little PopUp Camper with a Clean Canvas

Cleaning and Maintaining the Exterior of a Pop Up Camper

How to Clean and Maintain the Exterior Camper Canvas Owning a canvas camper provides an affordable and convenient way to enjoy family adventures, offering more comfort than tent camping while still embracing the great outdoors. However, to ensure your camper remains in excellent condition and free from unpleasant odors, regular cleaning and maintaining the exterior…

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A Room by Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning – Room by Room

A Room by Room Spring Cleaning Checklist A spring cleaning room by room checklist helps you thoroughly clean and organize your home after the winter months. It ensures you don’t miss any important tasks and can help make the process more manageable. Here’s a comprehensive spring cleaning checklist broken down by area. General Tasks for…

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Woman Putting Clean Dry Folded Clothes Away.

Laundry 101: Part 8 – Tips for Drying and Folding Clothes

What Your Mom Didn’t Tell You about Drying and Folding Your Clothes The next step after washing your clothes is learning how to dry your clothes effectively. If you’re afraid that any of your garments will shrink in the heat of the dryer, hang them up or lay them flat to dry. Pull out any…

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Young Boy Learning How to Wash Laundry.

Laundry 101: Part 7 – Tips for Washing Your Clothes

What Your Mom Didn’t Tell You about Washing Your Clothes Clothes are not inexpensive and chances are you’ve invested a pretty penny on some items over the years. Knowing how to wash clothes is essential if you want them looking good each time you wear them. If you’ve been known to grab clothes from the…

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Clean Soft Clothes and How to Use Natural Products to Soften Clothes.

Laundry 101: Part 6 – Using Fabric Softeners

Everything Your Mom Didn’t Tell You about Fabric Softeners Fabric softener is a combination of chemicals that are used to make clothing softer and reduce static electricity. I have long loved the “fresh from the dryer” smell of clean laundry, but I’m not a fan of adding commercial fabric softeners to my laundry. That goes…

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Woman Adding Laundry Detergent to Washing Machine, How to Use Efficiently.

Laundry 101: Part 5 – Using Laundry Detergent

Everything Your Mom Didn’t Tell You about Laundry Detergents When choosing a laundry detergent, check the appliance manufacturer manual for the best type of detergent to use in your washing machine. Many new washing machines require HE (high efficiency) detergent in order to properly clean and rinse the soap out of your clothing. HE detergent…

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Clean Clothes Washed with Laundry Boosters and Water Softener.

Laundry 101: Part 4 – Laundry Boosters and Water Softeners

Everything Your Mom Didn’t Tell You about Laundry Boosters and Water Softeners Laundry boosters or water softeners are additives that soften and condition the water to help make detergent work more effectively, keep your clothes from looking dingy and help remove that powdery residue that washing in hard water can leave on your clothes. Hard…

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Woman with Load of Bright White Clothing.

Laundry 101: Part 3 – Brightening Whites

Everything Your Mom Didn’t Tell You about Getting Your Clothes White Brightening white clothing is a little more than dumping a bunch of bleach in the wash. Bleach works well to brighten whites, and works great on cotton, but it can also ruin your clothes if not used properly. Chlorine bleach is highly alkaline, and…

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Man Giving the Thumbs Up to His Clean White Tshirt

Laundry 101: Part 2 – Removing Stains – Different Stains, Different Cleaning Solution

What Mom Didn’t Tell You about Removing Stains After many years of cleaning, we’ve learned some important things about the cleaners we use, and this impacts how we clean laundry and remove stains. There’s nothing really complex or earth-shattering about it. But why on earth should getting laundry clean and removing stains be hard? In…

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Business Man Eating Jelly Donut Slopping Jelly on Tie.

Laundry 101: Part 1 – Stains – Stain Types and Removal Methods

Everything Your Mom Didn’t Tell You About Stains No matter how hard you try to keep up with it, the fact is there will always be dirty laundry piling up in your home. It’s a never ending race against time. Most of us don’t enjoy doing laundry; washing, drying or folding! I get it, I’m…

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