Ball of Chapstick and How to Remove Stains if Gone Through Laundry.

How to Get Chap Stick Stains out of Clothes

Removing Chap Stick Stains from Clothing I have fought chap stick stains for years. When there are two young girls in the house, you find tubes of Chapstick almost everywhere – furniture, broken on the floor and the laundry – to just name a few places. When a tube of chap stick goes through a…

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Cleaning and Disinfecting Around House for COVID-19 Tips.

Cleaning Tips for COVID-19

Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitizing Your Home With the outbreak of COVID-19 it’s important to clean, sanitize and disinfect, especially frequently touched surfaces and commonly used areas. Although the risk of exposure is greater via person to person rather than touching surfaces, many are staying indoors and having items delivered. Even if you are leaving the…

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Basic Carpet Cleaning Tips.

Basic Carpet Cleaning Tips

What are the Basics of Cleaning Carpets? The basics of carpet cleaning are pretty much common knowledge. You follow manufacturers recommendations. Vacuum regularly, clean carpet spills and stains as soon as possible to avoid permanent staining and have them professionally cleaned periodically. Besides vacuuming regularly, it’s important to know the basics of stain removal as…

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Cleaning During Self Isolation.

Cleaning and Organizing During Self-Isolation

How to Make Your Home Clean and Organized During Self-Isolation Most of us know that organizing is one of those household tasks that is not always at the top of our to do list. Some of us who only have a couple of people in the house do organizational tasks a little bit everyday but…

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Cleaning Supplies for Cleaning Surfaces Around the House.

How to Clean, Disinfect and Sanitize Surfaces in the Home

Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitizing Surfaces In every home there are dozens of surfaces that need to be cleaned. Some of these surfaces are cleaned as they are used; such as kitchen counters when meal prepping. Many surfaces are only cleaned weekly or bi-weekly with regular household cleanings. But when you or another family member gets…

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Mrs Cleans Cleaning Tote

Mrs. Cleans Cleaning Tote We have shared many cleaning tips with you throughout the years and we will always continue to share. We are sharing with you some of my favorite cleaning supplies and tools and what our house cleaners keep in their cleaning tote and take with them to clean homes every day.

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Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners and Supplies Vacuum cleaners are a workhorse! We rely on these trusty machines to remove dirt and debris from carpets, rugs and hard surfaces. Not only do we rely on the vacuum but the supplies that need to be used as well.

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Buffers, Polishers, Carpet and Steam Cleaners

Floor Cleaning Equipment and Supplies When you need a carpet, tile or other floor cleaning machines for home or janitorial use, you need equipment that can do the job like a professional. Steam cleaners are cleaning appliances that use water, steam or vapor to remove dirt, grime and oil from carpet, rugs and other hard…

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Rust Stain Removers

Rust Stain Removers Rust stains are reddish, orange or yellowish and are caused by metal oxidization. Traditional cleaning products will not remove these stain – you need specific rust stain removing products to tackle these types of stains.

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Polishing Supplies

Polishers Products to clean, protect, remove scratches, shine and generally improve the appearance of your furniture.

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